Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

September 15, 2020 by No Comments

She’s healthier than me. (rock music) – Ever since I can remember, I have made a conscious effort in my life to have a incredibly clean and healthy diet. I am vegan and I tend not to eat too much gluten. – Eating food is equal to happiness, so I really need to focus on eating what I like. A lot of junk food, usually. – My mom was really into health, and so it’s something I grew up with. – I’m sure that when I start eating healthy, it’ll probably, you know, do something magical?

I mean if it doesn’t, I’m never gonna healthy, so. I think for me it’s gonna be hard mentally. But physically it’s gonna be harder for you. – [Cameraman] Dun dun dun. – [YB] So literally all my favorite foods in there. – Okay, pizza. Oh you put in parentheses, “I can usually eat the whole pizza.” “No vegetables on it, hehehehe.” (laughs) So I guess I’m eating a whole pizza. Let’s go. – So breakfast smoothie, I like smoothies. Blueberries, kale, banana, wheatgrass powder. What’s wheatgrass? – Wheatgrass is um,

it’s a grass. – So I’m eating grass. – Yeah. – I think one out of 10, I’ll do maybe like eight. – I think I’m gonna do terrible. (laughs) (curious music) – So Saturday morning I went to get the smoothie for my breakfast smoothie. And then I got a wheatgrass shot because they had it. – She’s gonna have a wheatgrass shot and then you’ll be like, “I can take on the world.” – Ugh. It’s like, not good at all. It’s like warm grass. – I did the whole Saturday morning cartoon thing in bed with my Reese’s Puffs. Just really, really sugary.

I don’t know if I can eat a whole bowl of this. But it’s kind of good. – So it’s 11:50 and I finished the smoothie while I was driving, and I am so hungry. I’m used to very carb heavy breakfast. So I was getting kinda hangry. – So I went to yoga Saturday afternoon. I was really tired during class. It’s as if the sugar from the cereal just rushed to my brain. And all I wanna do is go get a giant Green Juice to (bleep) cleanse the sugar out of my system. – Sky is drinking something healthy. Whatcha drinkin’? (sad trombone sound) –

I cheated, okay? But after dinner I made up for it. I ate a whole bunch of Doritos. I’m gonna eat so many of these. These are (bleep) amazing. Wow. – Smoothie time. Oh, it’s good. Oh, I thought it was gonna taste like really bad, but it’s really good. I even went hiking with my dog, and I was like feeling good. I was like, “Yeah, I feel healthy and I have energy!” The only sucky part was like after I came back home, I was super hungry and, you know, and tired. But I had to cook again. – I really failed. I failed hard.

I’m just gonna admit it. I should’ve been better. I should’ve stuck to the experiment more. But I felt the effects. And, Sunday night dinner, I went through the Burger King drive-thru. – You are the last person I would imagine to even accept this challenge because of how often we discuss health and how often I see you doing, like, pushups in our backyard. (laughs) – Hi, can I have a small fries and a Coke? Like I feel, if anyone saw me doing this, it would just ruin my image. French fries and ketchup,

I can dig that. But I don’t know, like, I don’t have a burning desire to eat the rest of this. I’m not craving this. I’m craving a Green Juice. – So, we eat the kelp noodles with pesto, salad, some kale. I want other stuff. I want, like, chicken wings. And I want burgers, pizza, other stuff to go with it. I would prefer it with just like normal noodles. I think that would be really, really good. But this is a healthy alternative. (upbeat music) I’m really glad I did this challenge. It was a really, like I learned a lot.

I learned how to cook a little bit. And I learned about a lot of other ingredients that I didn’t know about. – Like, I’ve realized throughout this experience that the food that I eat is so much a part of my identity. And not having it, I feel like I’m not myself. Sweet Chili Doritos are the bomb. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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