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Hi guys, welcome to the new video Dad and son in the is my today´s guest, my son hi guys, how you can see, we both are fashion wings, boobs, everything… fashion is a basis of good cooking today we have 2 exclusive recipes for you they are very good, we were choosing them a long time one recipe will be sweet, and second recipe will be salt these recipes are made from basic, cheap and fitness ingredients…so they will be for everybody for begginers, advanced and for superhumans too this food eat horses and Kuba can eat it too,

so you don´t have to be afraid give it to children you will be look like me you want it the first recipe will be Family fitness pizza because you mostly don´t cook only for you, but for whole family I´m a parent so I will show you a recipe for whole family we´ll need eggs, curd defatted, because it´s the cheapest we´ll need cheese, ham also some cheap and oatmeal and that´s all so let´s do it..Kuba, prepare eggs you´re expert for it I don’t want to see the eggs anymore one egg?…

yes now add whole curd and oatmeal who wants thicker dough can use whole oatmeal who wants softer dough can use finely ground oatmeal but it doesn’t matter Kuba open the curd I´ll prepare these oatmeal 140g Mix it so this is a dough base you have to mix it then you will give it on a metal plate with a backing sheet now it’s up to you how you do it if you want bigger pizza or smaller and thicker the benefits of this recipe are that´s healthy and it´s very cheap you can buy more expensive ham or cheese but we bought very cheap ingredients and they are also healthy that´s great you can eat cheaply and healthy it´s also for yung boys, because every family has oatmeal at home every family has some ham or cheese at home and

every family has some eggs at home so for young boys it´s not so hard cook it you don´t have to eat only chicken with rice a lot of recipes exist, just don’t be lazy now we have the finished dough and now spread it over the baking sheet equally whenever Monika doing it, it’s round and accurate mainly that it has these macronutrients there are a lot of manners of curds defatted, semi-fat or fat this defatted, which doesn´t have any fat it´s very good but you can use another one we choosed this, because it was the most cheap how Kuba said, we were trying choose ingredients of best quality, but the cheapest for whole recipe you will pay about 50 CZK the whole pizza and I think that 2 maybe 3 people will eat so now we gave it.

a shape now let’s bake it in the oven 10 minutes, 180°C and then we´ll add ham, cheese and eggs on top I can give basil or other herbs we took basil random but you can choose anything what you see on pizza for example tomatoes or chive it doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly this now it’s up to you how much ham you put there how thick the dough you want everyone will do it as they please I didn’t want to say it in front of him, but he may be glad he has me, because he´s so senile he forgot half of what we wanted to buy so I had to remind him now we go to sweet Kuba I love you, finally you are good son we have a finished corpus, now we have to put on it the ingredients we want and we’ll put it back in the oven so corpus is done 10 minutes,

180°C and now we´ll put ingredients on it everyone can make a different pizza no matter what you put in there I choosed ham, Eidam ketchup, cherry tomatoes basil, eggs that’s enough…it’s the cheapest and the best I choosed ketchup ham, cheese and cherry tomatoes it looks almost like sexual experience in your home we put these bowls away he’s already senile I start with ham Kuba did it wrong, because he puted cheese first it won’t be good I wouldn’t want to eat it he don´t know what´s good

I put six slices of ham on it it´ll be maybe 100g ham on it I put cheese did you see that in McDonald they put meat first and then cheese and then meat again? I know what I do I think that you don´t know it if you want more gains you can add chicken meat, tuna, salmon whatever you like whatever I got it done…I don´t we chose ham and cheese, because it should be the cheapest but I´m not done, because I put the egg on it now we’ll bake it again, 220°C about 10 minutes and it´ll be ready we put it in a hot oven which is not hot 200°C, hot air bye, we’ll make place for a son come here before than pizza will be done we prepare second dish and it will be sweet slices..yummy it will be yummy slices so we are preparing yummy slices

so what we need coconut a little bit of pump it is supposed to put a baking powder there, but I don’t have it here is homemade honey cacao curd and eggs again what do you think about it? it´s again cheap and everybody has these things at home except that pump but you can replace it basically we made from the same ingredients pizza and dessert but I don´t know how you will whip it, because if you workout like you whip, it will be bad I have it in hand you won’t whip that way so here we go so you whip egg yolks with the honey and next you add cacao into it… and here we whip a snow what do you think about it?

so at first give me egg whites.. no no, you have to separate it we, who have ever been on a diet oh fuck, he dirty the table fuck, he dirty whole table and then he goes to the big city and father will clean up here hey man, I wonder on what attempt he made the scene how he broke it by one finger by guesstimate… what? by guesstimate… we are making sweet slices for two 120kg men try it by guesstimate four eggs?..yes now is fourth it looks good one more I think you should have done the opposite, because you will whip these egg whites in this glass bowl I ruined it by mistake…by mistake? now yolk has fallen into it fuck it fuck it I added a spoon of honey to it by guesstimate honey is homemade, it´s good should I whip it?

you have to whip the snow at first so now we have time about 10 minutes the second part includes egg yolks which I will whip with honey and then I´ll add cacao one spoon adequately now I have time about 20 minutes, than he´ll be done Hans has forgotten the pizza in the oven oh fuck I forgot on the pizza but my pizza looks pretty fresh but Kuba´s pizza these cherry tomatoes under it mainly that fashion I´m dying that´s good like this not snowing neither at Filip slowly so Kuba whiped snow from egg whites cherries again I prepared sheet of tin baking sheet…Kuba whiped egg whites, here he whiped egg yolks with honey and cacao now he mix it together and the basis will be done then we pour it on .

the dough and let’s bake it’s not brown coconut is then put into the dough we forgot we forgot on the pump without the pump it didn´t rise and it would be very thin you know how the pump reacts it´s the same with this cake now it looks good the basis is to have a dirty whole kitchen and now we put it in the oven on 10 minutes, 180°C and then we pull it out…meantime we prepare a filling do you prepare the filling? do you know how to do it? the dough is baking so now we prepare the filling the filling will be made of curd coconut and honey we use honey to make it sweeter and to keep it together What the fuck are you doing again?…

Do you have spoon? in today’s shooting we’ve already dirty about twelve spoons give two curds there so we use honey, because it´s natural product I have homemade honey…who doesn´t have honey it´s fucked up, because if you don´t have honey you can´t have anything else and you can´t do this recipe we are using defatted curd but only because of price who wants more calories, more gains can add semi-fat curd or full fat curd me personally or Kuba, we are both ektomorfs…are you ektomorf? yes, you made me that way I made him so we both can use full fat curd because full fat curd is certainly better than defatted curd deffated things are from 90’s when everyone thought everything defatted was good but it´s not true but this defatted curd is cheaper than normal curd so if we were only looking at the price we choose this one done?

do you think it will be little? now we wait for the dough to finish cool down cover by fullfil, put in the fridge and we can serve it easy bussiness yummy sweet slices, very easy it looks very good! we do it for the first time and it will be good always no, it does not matter the name matches it just a minute and it´ll be done we pull it out of the oven I have advice for you for beginners like me use cutting board, because look at my kitchen unit the coals from water pipe fell on it and I burned through this kitchen unit if you have anything hot use cutting board and my father is fireman, Kuba´s grandpa.

so I let it cool down on 30 minutes to the balcony a then we fill it up I had sprinkled the balcony by BCAA before so the pigeons don´t give a shit here you don´t have to worry about having a shit on the dough what pigeons are flying at night? at night flying these most insidious pigeons which give a shit secretly but not at my balcony we have here beginning of our yummy sweet slices holding how glued we let him cool down so let´s go…we cut it in half fill up,we fold in half we cut the corners and we´ll taste it say something it’s in the pussy the last anointing dude when Monika sees that I’m cutting it on the plate, she’ll kill me is it not too thin? no, man that’s how it should be if I put a baking powder there it inflates,

but I put there the pump and it inflates too, but then it collapsed after training, you know it looks good smear it you have to put everything in there, we’ll count the macronutrients it must be precisely fuck, you didn’t put everything there look at this it looks good I look forward to it it looks like we’ve ever done it before but this was the first time yummy sweet slice almost done, I cut the edges and I think that it doesn´t look like from Instagram but it´s real mainly we don´t make fashion cakes but macro friendly cakes.

and cheap cakes if you will have good macros and a lot of money, chicks come you are so wheezing as if you doing workout I´m so concentrate how i look at Masterchef I fully see Přemek how he looks at me and I’m stressed out of it so yummy sweet slices fitness version so these are our yummy sweet slices now we go for pizza and we serve it it´s like a wax so now we’re just going to decorate it Kuba has already decorated it, by this withered basil I put fresh basil on it and we taste it he don´t save it now.

I decorate it by fresh basil a little on digestion so family fitness pizza yummy sweet slices macros and recipes you can find down in the label macros which are in one serving of this pizza are 50g proteins, 120g carbs 15g fat but you can add what you want, for example chicken meat and you will have 10 grams proteins more you can make macros like you want but you will count it yourself yumm sweet slices here is the recipe, here are macros and we are going to taste so at the end of this video we have to taste it Kuba taste my pizza and I taste his pizza homemade fitness pizza with that, I’d broke a neighbor´s windows if she excite me.

I’ll eat it like that It taste like “langoš” it´s good, I like it I like on Kuba´s pizza that design these hidden tomatoes under ham I’m older, I’m worried about my teeth it´s not funny to bite into the stone it´s not bad that it has such macros it´s not bad you have to close your eyes and eat on a scale of 1 to 10 for taste I give you 9 but it´s tough like a dick my grandma without denture wouldn’t eat it so I give you 6 points if I would evaluated design 3 of 10 but taste 8 points…dude you said that it´s good show it soft soft,.

nice dough flexible dough it´s top you don’t feel oatmeal at all it’s soft, it´s very good I wouldn’t be afraid to give this to my grandmother just the egg is not good does not matter ok, we go taste yummy sweet slices this we made together so we can objectively evaluate it if I would objectively evaluate it, my pizza is better than Kuba´s pizza I admit it is better but it´s really good and put on it maybe bacon or chicken meat we don’t do it that often so we are not yet so skilled at it but if you will do it regularly,.

.I think it will be good so yummy slices this is really good! it’s a dessert or a snack between meals but it´s so good! you have to count on the fact that it is healthy and if there is something healthy, it won’t be mega top but it´s really good it’s soft coconut is felt it´s commonly very good it’s just a wet cake if I rate it from 1 to 10 I had better but I’ve never done anything better so I give 9 of 10 and one point down because I made it with Kuba so if you want next recipes which you don´t know.

which are not chicken with rice write it us to comment if you want next episodes of dad and son in the kitchen write us to the comment and we prepare something for you Have a nice day, follow Kuba on Instagram Kuba´s Youtube He shoots like a fool…follow me give likes, give comments and we see in trends it´s so good I left you something yummy!! you jumped into it like into your wife

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